Book I Fsc/FA Short Questions

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Book I Fsc/FA Short Questions


Short Questions of Chapter No. 1 Button Button

  1. Why did Norma consider the tone and attitude of Mr. Steward Offensive?

Norma considered the tone offensive as Steward was insistent on taking to her whereas Norma had already told him that she was busty and not interested in the offer.

  1. Why did Arthur disagree with his wife?

Arthur disagreed with his wife as he considered it immoral to kill or even harm anyone just for the sake of money. He believed that it did not matter whether they knew or not the person who died.

  1. Why did Norma persuade her husband to agree with her?

Norma persuaded her husband because she wanted to get money to fulfill her dreams in no time. She wanted to go on a trip to Europe, buy a cottage on the island and have nicer apartment, furniture, clothes and a car. She believed that the offer could fulfill her all dreams.

  1. What were the reasons Norma gave to her Husband to accept the offer?

Norma told him that it might him some psychological research or an eccentric millionaire was doing it. She convinced him that the victim might be a stranger like an old Chinese peasant or some diseased native in the Congo and the offer could also fulfill her dreams.

  1. Why did Mr. Steward continue persuading Norma?

Since Arthur had denied the offer bluntly; Steward smelt the greedy instinct of Norma and continued persuading her. He thought that she could easily fall a prey to the temptation.

  1. What was the message Norma received on pushing the button?

She received a message from the Lenox Hill hospital about the subway accident in which her husband was pushed from a shoving crowd in front of the train. She felt unreal to receive the message.

  1. What is the significance of Arthur’s life insurance policy?

Arthur’s policy was significant as he had a life insurance policy for $25,000 with an indemnity of $50,000 against the loss of life. Coincidentally it was the same amount as promised by Steward on pushing the button to kill someone.

  1. Did Norma remain normal on hearing the news of the accident of her husband?

She did not remain normal on hearing the news of the accident. She felt numb with shock. She struggled to her feet. She was also panting for breath.

Short Questions of Chapter No. 2 Clearing in the Sky

  1. Why didn’t the old man follow the advice of the doctors?

The old man did not follow the advice, as he had to raise the family of five children. His work was source of internal satisfaction for him that he thought was necessary to stay alive.

  1. What had the doctors told the old man?

The doctors had warned the old man of serious threats to his life and recommended him to take complete bed rest if he wanted to stay alive.

  1. Where did the old man take his son?

The old man took his son to the highest point of a mountain where he had grown potatoes, tomatoes and yams. He wanted to show his son this remarkable patch of land where he had done a great deal of effort.

  1. Had the son ever been before?

Yes, he had been there before many times but he had not visited it for the last three years. His son had never seen there anything extraordinary in his last visits.

  1. What were the names of the vegetables the old man grew on his farm?

The old man had grown potatoes, tomatoes and yams. There were dozens of rows of tomatoes, half-dozen rows of yams and three dozen rows of potatoes.

  1. Why did the old man take the steep path?

The old man took the steep path as the doctors had advised him to take complete rest. He made an easy path to avoid steep climbing but as he got better, he made steeper paths. It was one way of knowing that he was getting better all the time.

  1. What were the feelings of the old man at the age of seventy?

The old man felt happy to have lived his natural span of life in spite of the warnings of different doctors. He knew that he was spending a bonus period of his life since he was over seventy years.

  1. Why did the son at the age of six cry?

The son cried at the age of sex when he lost his wooden plough that his father had made for him. His father made another plough for him but he never liked the second one as he did the first one.

  1. Why had the old man planted his secret garden?

The secret garden was a source of internal satisfaction and inspiration for him. He believed that the land was the best of all and he wanted to taste the unique flavor of the things grown there.

Short Questions of Chapter No. 3 Dark they were, and Golden-Eyed

  1. Why did harry want to go back to Earth?

Harry wanted to go back to earth because he felt strange frightful changes in himself and others. He believed that if they stayed there, they would all change strangely.

  1. Why did he want to stay?

Harry wanted to stay on Mars awaiting the rockets to come back and take them to earth. He did not want to stay on Mars permanently.

  1. What climate did they face?

The climate they faced was very hot and destructive. Hot and strong wind affected everything badly. The painted houses flaked and peeled. Summer burned the canals dry.

  1. What was the condition of the Bittering family on hearing the news of war on Earth?

They felt frightened and sad since they were stranded there. Laura started weeping. Cora was upset too. Harry was so shocked that he sweated with fear.

  1. What did they want to grow?

Why wanted to grow vegetables and fruits of earth on the Mars. They wanted to keep things going on until the war ended and the rockets came again.

  1. What was the condition of their house?

The climate affected their house badly. The strong hot wind had damaged it. The wooden house warped out of shape.

  1. What was the advice Harry gave to the people?

Harry advised them to build a rocket to go back to the earth. Harry also warned them of serious consequences if they ignored his advice.

  1. How much dangerous a Martian virus can be?

A Martian virus can be very dangerous. It can change their appearance and make them lose their identities. It can turn them into a new man dark complexion golden eyes and thin and slender figure.

Short Questions of Chapter No. 4 Thank You, M’Am

  1. It was the time when the boy tried to snatch the purse of the woman?

It was about eleven o’ clock at night when the boy tried to snatch the purse of the woman. It was dark and she was walking alone.

  1. What happened to the boy when he tried to snatch the purse?

When the boy tried to snatch the purse with a pull, the strap broke and he lost his balance because of the heavy weight of the bag and his own weight. Resultantly he fell down on the pavement.

  1. What was the reaction of the woman?

The woman simply turned around and kicked the boy. She picked him up and shook him until his teeth rattled. Then she asked him to pick up her purse.

  1. What was the conduct of the people when they saw the incident?

The few people who witnessed the incident did not interfere. A few passed by and some stood there watching the incident.

  1. How did the boy look physically?

Apparently he was of fourteen or fifteen. He looked quite slim and willowy in his tennis shoes and blue jeans.

  1. What was the condition of the boy when the woman gave him a few jerks?

They boy was ashamed and frightened. He wanted the woman to release him. The seat popped out on his face and he began to struggle.

  1. Why did the woman ask the boy to wash his face?

The woman asked the boy to wash his face because his face was untidy. The woman was keen on reforming him. Hence, she asked him to wash his face in order to look presentable.

  1. Why didn’t the boy run from the house of the woman?

It was the good conduct of the woman that the boy was really impressed by her. Secondly he was ashamed of his act and did not want the woman to mistrust him now.

  1. Why didn’t the woman watch the boy while preparing a dish?

The woman was confident of her good conduct that she had shown to the boy by treating him politely as if he were her own son. She was sure that the boy would not run. Therefore, she did not watch him stealthily.

  1. What was the nature of the woman’s job?

She worked in a hotel beauty shop that stayed open late. She dealt there all kinds of women like blondes, redheads, and Spanish.

Short Question of Chapter No. 5 The Piece of String

  1. Why did Manana accuse Hubert of picking the lost pocket-book?

Manana accused Hubert of picking the lost pocket-book as he had seen Hubert bending down and picking up something from the mud. It was actually a piece of string but Manana mistook it or the lost pocket-book.

  1. What did the people think of Hubert when they heard the return of the pocket-book by some other person?

The people were not willing to believe his story of the string. Whatever justification he gave in his defense, the people called them the lame excuses.

  1. Why did George give the pocket-book to his employer?

Since George was an illiterate fellow, he was unable to read and know the owner of the pocketbook. He gave the pocketbook to his employer.

  1. What made Hubert shameful?

Nobody was ready to believe Hubert in spite of his all justifications. The people called him a liar even when George had found the pocket-book and returned to his owner. This made Hubert shameful.

  1. Why did people make fun of his innocence?

People made fun of his innocence just to amuse them. They told it in a manner of soldier who had once on a campaign and told about his battles. In short, they wanted something to cheer about without caring about other’ feelings.

  1. Why did he keep claiming his innocence before his death?

Hubert had deeply felt the indifferent and cold attitude of the people. He took to his bed and kept claiming his innocence because nobody was ready to believe in what he said in his defense.

Short Questions of Chapter No. 6 The Reward

  1. What was the subject discussed at the club?

The subject being discussed at the club was that of determination and opportunity. Some said that opportunity was required for success and others were in favor of determination.

  1. What did Terbut think of Jorkens’ argument?

Jorkens stated that a man could have anything he desired if he stuck to it long enough and hard enough Terbut was disagreed since he was an advocate of opportunity.

  1. How did Jorkens convince that a man can become a skating champion of the Sahara?

Jorkens convinced that a man could become a skating champion if he would make money, build a skating-rink, organize a competition there and give all his time to it.

  1. How did Gorgios per persuade his people to make his country strong?

Gorgios convinced them that if they had an athlete with perfect physical fitness at Court, it would be lesson to all the nations. This act would also strengthen their soldiers against their worst enemy.

  1. What was the viewpoint of the parents of Gorgios?

Gorgios’ parents believed that both determination and opportunity were required for success. Gorgios learned so late in his life that his parents were right after all.

  1. What were the arrangements made for the functions of inauguration?

The great throne room had been turned into a kind of gymnasium. Great curtains were hung along the walls and high swings were hung down from the ceiling. A row of hurdles was arranged on the …..

  1. …… Write five sentences?

The scene of inaugurations was worth seeing. A piece of soft music was played. Gorgios, in his brilliant uniform, outshined everything there. He made a symbolic performance that was appreciated by all. He was led to a seat and his life’s ambition was achieved.

  1. What were the feelings of Gorgios on the occasion?

Gorgios was sad because he had to pay a heavy price to get his ambition achieved. At last he got what he dreamt of but he had spent his whole life to attain his ambition.

  1. Did Gorgios use any short cut to achieve his ambition?

No, Gorgios did not use any short cut to achieve his ambition. Rather he worked more than sixty years to attain this goal. He spent the prime time of his life to be a court acrobat.

  1. For how long had Gorgios to stick to get his ambition achieved?

Gorgios had to stick for more than sixty years to get his ambition achieved. He spent the prime time of his life to attain his goal.


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