B.Com Part 1 Introduction To Business Book Important Questions

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Introduction to Business Important Questions

Important Questions of PU B.Com Part 1

  1. Define business what are the main components of the business. Or what is meant by businesses explain the scope of business?
  2. a) Define business. Explain the features of business?
  3.                   b) Define business. Explain the importance of business?
  4. Define business. Explain objectives/Functions of business?
  5. Explain the qualities of Good businessman?
  6. Define business. What are the pre-requisite of business? OR what are the factors that should be kept in view by the business man before the commencement of business?
  7. Define sole proprietorship. Explain its advantages and disadvantages?
  8. Define partnership and explain its merits and demerits?
  9. a) Differentiate between co-ownership and partnership?
  10.                   b) What is partnership deed? Also explain its contents?
  11. How a firm be registered? Describe special attractions of a registered firm? What are the consequences of non-registration of a firm?
  12. Explain various right, duties and liabilities of partners.
  13. Discuss various kinds of partners in a partnership firm.
  14. What are the various forms of dissolution of a partnership firm?
  15. What is Joint Stock Company? Explain advantages and disadvantages of a company?
  16. What is the procedure for the formation of a joint stock company in Pakistan?
  17. Describe briefly the three basic legal documents of a joint stock company.
  18. What are the salient points of distinction between memorandums of association?
  19. What is meant by share capital? Explain in brief the various classes of capital of the company? Also explain the different types of shares issued by the company?
  20. Explain the different types of meetings of Joint Stock Company?
  21. Discuss the various kinds of companies?
  22. Differentiate between private limited company and public limited company?
  23. Define the dissolution of company; explain the circumstances under which the company can be dissolved OR How a Joint Stock Company can be liquidated?
  24. What is cooperative society? Give its merits and demerits.
  25. Explain types of cooperative societies? Also explain their role in promotion of trade?
  26. Differentiate between various kinds business organization?
  27. Define business combination? Explain its advantages and disadvantages?
  28. a) What is business combination? What are the causes and various types of business combinations?
  29.  b) Motives of vertical and horizontal combination and their difference?
  30. Define market? What are the various types of markets?
  31. Define marketing? What are the main functions of marketing?
  32. What is meant by marketing mix? Discuss its main elements?
  33. Discuss in brief the channels of distribution for A) industrial B) Consumers Goods
  34. What is Stock Exchange explain its functions and advantages?
  35. What is foreign trade? Explain its advantages, disadvantages, reasons, problems and also differentiate between home trade and foreign trade?
  36. Define E-Commerce? Explain its advantages, disadvantage and factors of its growth?
  1. Define insurance? Explain its principles, advantages, types, and difference among types?


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