B.Com Part 1 Functional English Prepositional Phrases

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Prepositional Phrases

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Prepositional Phrases
Prepositional Phrases
1 Abide by Always abide by the law
2 Account for  I cannot account for his foolish behavior
3 Approve of He strongly approved of our plan
4 Back out He backed out of his promise
5 Bear out I bear out what he says
6 Bear down He tried to bear down the opposition
7 Blow out Please, blow out the candle
8 Break down The car broke down on the way
9 Break into The thief broke into last night
10 Break open He broke open the box as he had lost the key
11 Break out Cholera has broken out in the city
12 Break with He broke with his friend for nothing
13 Bring about The government has promised to bring about reforms
14 Bring forth The trees bring forth new leaves in spring
15 Bring in Pakistanis abroad are bringing much foreign exchange
16 Bring up He was brought up by his uncle
17 Burst into The widow burst into tears
18 Call at I called at his house but he was out.
19 Call down The old beggar called down the naughty boys
20 Call off The match was called off because of rain
21 Call for Your mistake calls for severe punishment
22 Call on/upon I called on him at his office yesterday
23 Call in Please call in a mechanic for repairing
24 Carry on Please carry on your work
25 Carry out He carried out the orders of his master
26 Come across I came across an old friend yesterday
27 Come by How did you come by that book
28 Come of He comes of a noble family
29 Come off The stain will come off soon
30 Come off When does the convocation come off
31 Come about His marriage will come about next month
32 Cope with I cannot cope with recent problem
33 Cut off The audience cut off the speech with their loud protests
34 Cut down The old man down an old tree
35 Deal in He deals in sugar
36 Die of He died of cholera
37 Die down The music died down slowly
38 Do away with Let us do away with the evil customs
39 Fall back upon One must save something to fall back upon in times of need.
40 Fall in At the orders of the commander, the soldiers fell in
41 Fall out The brother fell out on the division of their father’s property
42 Fall off We often fall off friends in poverty
43 Fall through The project fell through for want of fund
44 Get over He got over the shock
45 Get through He got through the examination in his first attempt
46 Get up I usually get up at 5’O clock
47 Get along He is getting along well in this profession
48 Give away She gave away the prizes at the annual function of our college
49 Give in The rebels were at last forced to give in
50 Give up I have given up smoking
51 Go along with I cannot go along with you in this matter
52 Go off The pistol went off accidentally
53 Go/Keep on Go on doing your work
54 Go Back on He should not go back on his promise
55 Keep down It is impossible for anyone to keep down a proud nation for long
56 Keep off Keep off the grass
57 Keep to Keep to the subject while making a speech
58 Keep up You are doing good word keep it up.
59 Knock down He knocked down his opponent
60 Lay by Lay by something against the rainy day
61 Lay down He laid down his life for his country
62 Leave for We left for Multan yesterday
63 Let down I will never let you down
64 Live on They just live on vegetables
65 Look after His servant looked after his house in his absence
66 Look down upon Do not look down upon the poor
67 Look for The parents looked for the lost child
68 Look forward to We are looking forward to the arrival of spring
69 Look into The police are looking into the case
70 Make out/Of I am unable to make out/of this term.
71 Make off with The thieves made off with the cash
72 Make up Try to make up your loss in business
73 Pass away He passed away at the age of eighty years
74 Pass on Please pass on this bus, we are in a hurry
75 Put aside/by You should put some money aside for old age
76 Put down He could not put down the enemy
77 Put off I went to him for a loan but he put me off
78 Put on He put on his hat and went out.
79 Put out Please put out the lamp
80 Put up with I cannot put up with his foolishness.
81 Run down His health has run down
82 Run out of The car ran out of gas and stopped
83 Run over A bus ran over a pedestrian yesterday
84 See off I went to the station to see him off
85 Set aside He set aside my application
86 Set off/out We shall set off Lahore tomorrow.
87 Set/Take down Set down your plan
88 Set in The rainy season has set in
89 Set up He has set up a new factory recently
90 Stand for B.com stands for Bachelor of Commerce
91 Stand by I shall stand by you at the hour of need
92 Take after She takes after his mother
93 Take for I took him for a thief
94 Take in He was quite taken in by her manners
95 Take off He took off his old coat
96 Take over I took over the charge of the office
97 Take to He has taken to morning walk daily
98 Tell upon Hard work told upon his health
99 Turn down/aside He turned down my request
100 Turn over Please turn over the cutlets in the broiler.
101 Turn on/off Please turn off/on the radio
102 Turn up He turned up late at the party.
103 Work out He worked out a plan to build a hospital
104 Want of The project is late for want of funds.


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