B.Com Part 1 Functional English Past Papers Narrations

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

Past Papers Narration

Past Papers Narrations
Past Papers Narrations


1 He asked, “Why did you lie?” 2007S
2 I asked him if he needed anything else. 2007A
3 She asked, “Why did you do that?” 2007A
4 I asked him if he was hungry. 2007S
5 She said she had been a singer. 2007S
6 He said he had been very poor. 2007A
7 The teacher ordered the students to stand up. 2007S
8 He said to us, “Please give me some time.” 2007S
9 The teacher ordered the students to be quiet. 2007A
10 He said to us, “Kindly give me some time to think about it.” 2007A
11 He said, “Where does she live?” 2008S
12 He said, “Are you interested in my book.” 2008S
13 He said, “what is wrong with her hand?” 2008A
14 He said, “Will you remember me?” 2008A
15 The doctor said, “Do not miss the medicine.” 2008S
16 The teacher advised us not to waste our time. 2008S
17 The nurse said, “Do not get off the bed.” 2008A
18 The mother advised her son to get up early in the morning. 2008A
19 My friend said, “May you live long.” 2008S
20 My mother said, “May you pass the examination.” 2008A
21 Newton said, “Action and Reaction are equal.” 2009A
22 They said, “when will she arrive?” 2009S
23 I said to her, “Did you apply for the job.” 2009S
24 We said to them, “Can you help us in difficulty?” 2009S
25 Salman said to me, “Why have you come late today?” 2009A
26 The officer ordered to type the paper at once. 2009S
27 My mother advised me to take care of health. 2009A
28 The lady exclaimed sorrowfully what had happened to her son. 2009A
29 My grandmother said, “God bless you!” 2009A
30 She suggested that they should go for a walk. 2009S
31 She asked the servant where he had put his books. 2010S
32 The boss said to me, “when will you inform your friends?” 2010S
33 He said, “Did you call me yesterday?” 2010S
34 They said to him, “Are you going to market?” 2010A
35 I said to her, “Can I borrow your pencil?” 2010A
36 I said to him, “Don’t walk too far in the jungle.” 2010S
37 She said to me, “Come immediately.” 2010A
38 He said, “let’s play cricket.” 2010A
39 He suggested that I should drink milk. 2010A
40 He said, “Alas! I am cheated.” 2010S
41 You said, “I am going to Lahore now.” 2011S
42 He said to me, “Happy new year!” 2011S
43 He said to me, “Does he help you.” 2011S
44 They said, “Where did you go yesterday.” 2011A
45 She ordered me to bring some candies for her. 2011A
46 The teacher said, “Do not make a noise.” 2011A
47 She exclaimed with joy that they had won the match. 2011S
48 He exclaimed with sorrow that he had been very foolish. 2011A
49 The old lady said, “May God punish you!” 2011S
50 She said, “Let’s go for a walk.” 2011A
51 He said to me, “Whom do you look for?” 2012S
52 He said to me, “In which class do you read?” 2012S
53 She said to me “I’ll no forgive you.” 2012S
54 He said, “Let me take rest.” 2012S
55 She said to me, “Good morning.” 2012S
56 She said to me, “Who are you?” 2012A
57 She said to me, “Do you know me?” 2012A
58 “Don’t beat me,” said she. 2012A
59 He said, “What a bad way!” 2012A
60 He said, “Let us play.” 2012A
61 She said to me, “What did you eat?” 2013S
62 He said, “God is one.” 2013S
63 He said, “Sit here.” 2013S
64 He said, “Don’t cheat others.” 2013S
65 She said to me, “How are you?” 2013S
66 She said to me, “Do you know me?” 2014A
67 She said to me, “What do you eat?” 2014A
68 I said to her, “I know you and your family much.” 2014A
69 He said to me, “Don’t break my pen.” 2014A
70 She asked me if I was ill or not. 2014A
71 She said, “God is one.” 2014S
72 She said, “How old you look!” 2014S
73 He said to me, “Tell me you story.” 2014S
74 He said to me, “Don’t stare at me.” 2014S
75 She exclaimed with joy that I had won my goal. 2014S
76 She said to me, “Do you want to come here?” 2015A
77 She said to me, “Don’t look at me like that.” 2015A
78 I said to her, “Which class do you read in?” 2015A
79 I said to her, “Let me ask you a question.” 2015A
80 She asked me how long I had been waiting her. 2015A



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