B.Com Part 1 Functional English Past Papers Correction of Verbs

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

B.Com Part 1 Functional English Past Papers Correction of Verbs

Past Papers of Correction of Verbs

Past Papers of Correction of Verbs
Past Papers of Correction of Verbs
1 What that I be a queen! 2015 A
2 If you help me, I succeed. 2015 A
3 A function hold here daily. 2015 A
4 You had better gone now 2015 A
5 Urdu speak in Pakistan. 2015 A
6 The house sell yesterday. 2014 S
7 We are looking forward to go there. 2014 S
8 Urdu speak in Pakistan 2014 S
9 She lie on the bed now. 2014 S
10 The patient die before the doctor came. 2014 S
11 He would go if you ask me. 2014 A
12 He will die by the morning. 2014 A
13 He is ill for three days. 2014 A
14 Where be you yesterday? 2014 A
15 Two and two make four. 2014 A
16 The clock has strike five. 2013 S
17 He hang his coat. 2013 S
18 I have not see you since Eid. 2013 S
19 A drowning man catch at a straw. 2013 S
20 When the phone rang, I have a bath. 2013 S
21 When I came, he have food. 2012 S
22 After you go, I slept. 2012 S
23 I work if you asked me. 2012 S
24 The patient die before the doctor reached. 2012 S
25 It looked as if he see the ghost. 2012 S
26 Slow and steady win the race. 2012 A
27 Two and two make four. 2012 A
28 Bread and butter be his need. 2012 A
29 I did nothing but play. 2012 A
30 Charity begin at home. 2012 A
31 As you sow, so you reap. 2011 S
32 When he came, I take meal. 2011 S
33 He suffer from fever since Monday. 2011 S
34 Where you belong to? 2011 S
35 You pay the fees the previous day. 2011 S
36 Some soldiers catch as prisoners of war. 2011 A
37 After they had played for one hour, they suddenly stop. 2011 A
38 She did not care what be in the box. 2011 A
39 Charity begin at home. 2011 A
40 I not write a letter yesterday. 2011 A
41 A year has passed when we spend a day in Muree. 2010 S
42 I saw him last week but I not see him since. 2010 S
43 Can you come to me when you wash you cloths. 2010 S
44 Good boys should be reward. 2010 S
45 He recognizes your face but now know you name. 2010 S
46 He knew that he fail in Accounting. 2010 A
47 The sun was rising when I get up. 2010 A
48 He became weak because he has an an ailment. 2010 A
49 I have a gift here that belong to you. 2010 A
50 They will be punish for their misdeeds. 2010 A
51 He always do as he has been directed. 2009 S
52 I don’t take tea when it be cold. 2009 S
53 I suffer from cold since Monday. 2009 S
54 They should check for their negligence. 2009 S
55 What be he reading yesterday? 2009 S
56 The earth move round the sun. 2009 A
57 He come back from England yesterday. 2009 A
58 It rain since morning. 2009 A
59 It started raining while we play. 2009 A
60 I know him for a long time. 2009 A
61 Think before you speak. 2008 S
62 He leave next month. 2008 S
63 The murderer must be hang. 2008 S
64 She sleep since last night. 2008 S
65 Where be you now? 2008 S
66 Look before you leap. 2008 A
67 She always cook for her family. 2008 A
68 They should be punish for their crime. 2008 A
69 He play for two hours. 2008 A
70 Where be you yesterday? 2008 A
71 I know him for a long time. 2006 S
72 He died after he be ill for a long time. 2006 S
73 He sit in café when I saw him 2006 S
74 You see my book. 2006 S
75 I do not like go to the movies. 2006 S
76 He take his degree by this time next year. 2006 A
77 There you be yesterday? 2006 A
78 I not see you since long. 2006 A
79 I hang the picture on the wall. 2006 A
80 It say that truth is always bitter. 2006 A
81 Pakistan defend by Pak Army. 2005 S
82 The student expel from the University. 2005 S
83 He take to hospital by his friend. 2005 S
84 Bosnia free by the Muslims. 2005 S
85 Trees not blow down by the wind. 2005 S
86 She think that it not rain. 2005 A
88 She tell me her name when she leave. 2005 A
87 It rain in autumn; it also rain now. 2005 A
89 He generally write in Urdu, but now he write in English. 2005 A
90 He always go out without an umbrella when the sun not Shine. 2005 A
91 As soon as you go, I want to see you again. 2004 S
92 When the phone ring, I have a bath. 2004 S
93 I come yesterday if I get your message. 2004 S
94 They tell him that they see the film twice before. 2004 S
95 If he work hard next year, he pass the examination. 2004 S



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