B.Com Part 1 Functional English Past Papers Active Voice and Passive Voice

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Past Papers Voices/Tenses

B.Com Part 1 Functional English Past Papers Active Voice and Active Voice
B.Com Part 1 Functional English Past Papers Active Voice and Active Voice

Present Indefinite

1.       They make these artificial flowers. 2003 A
2.       We admire the brave. 2003 A
3.       Does he trouble you in the class? 2003 A
4.       The whole administration is controlled by a governing body. 2002 A
5.       We import machinery from the neighboring country. 2002 A
6.       Many issues are brought up by the committee. 2002 A
7.       This lantern is fed with oil. 2002 S
8.       Books are brought by him. 2004 A
9.       The poor are fed by the rich on the eve of Eid. 2005 A
10.   We are taught English by an experienced teacher. 2005 A
11.   Who teaches us English? 2012 A
12.   Why does she stare at you? 2012 A
13.   He tells me. 2012 A
14.   She learns English. 2013 S
15.   What does she cook? 2013 S
16.   Aslam uses unfair means? 2014 A
17.   Does he know us? 2014 A
18.   God provides us with food. 2014 S


Past Indefinite

1 They pulled down the old house. 2003A
2 Mr. Ahmed taught us English. 2003A
3 The exhibition was opened by the Prime Minister. 2003A
4 The brooch was given to me by my sister. 2002A
5 The Taj was built by Shah Jahan. 2002S
6 I was brought up by my Uncle. 2002S
7 Who broke this table? 2004A
8 Ahmad asked a question. 2004A
9 By whom was the jug broken? 2004A
10 He was not considered fit for this job by the selection board. 2004S
11 He was declared physically unfit by the Medical Board. 2006S
12 Nothing was lost by them. 2006A
13 I told him my story. 2007A
14 Was the cake baked by her? 2007A
15 I sold him by bike. 2007S
16 Was the story written by her? 2007S
17 She sold him a house. 2008A
18 Were you informed by the office? 2008A
19 He told her a secret. 2008S
20 Was the answer given by you? 2008S
21 Why was the innocent girl flogged by unknown men? 2009A
22 I wrote him a letter. 2009S
23 Why were you not sent a gift by your friend? 2009S
24 By whom was this message conveyed to her? 2010A
25 Why did she not join the class? 2010A
26 She was not informed about the decision. 2011A
27 Where did he hide the ball? 2011A
28 Who told it to you? 2012A
29 Who gave you this message? 2012A
30 Did she sing a song? 2013A
31 We took the decision? 2013A
32 Who told the story to you? 2013A
33 Who stole the pen? 2013S
34 Did you hear the story? 2013S
35 Why did you call me yesterday? 2014A
36 Who stole my pen? 2014S


Future Indefinite

1 Someone will serve the refreshment. 2003A
2 A reward will be given him by the president. 2003A
3 He will be greatly surprised if he is chosen. 2004A
4 I shall be selling my bicycle. 2005S
5 America will soon be releasing Afghan prisoners. 2005S
6 He will steal the jewel. 2007A
7 They will win the match. 2007S
8 I will eat my lunch. 2008A
9 They will by a television. 2008S
10 The patient will be operated upon. 2009S
11 I shall not betray her. 2011A


Present Progressive

  1. The teacher has already taught his lesson 2003A
  2. Who is knocking at the door? 2002A
  3. Experts are studying the problem. 2002A
  4. Who is knocking at the door? 2002A
  5. Cricket is being played by boys. 2004A
  6. The patient is being treated by a veteran physician. 2006A
  7. Why are you laughing at me?                 2006S
  8. She is not playing with me. 2008A
  9. I am working on this project. 2009S
  10. She is singing a song. 2012A
  11. She is writing a letter. 2013A
  12. She is waiting for me. 2014A
  13. Where are the workers being taken by the officer? 2014A
  14. He is looking at his enemy. 2014S
  15. I missing him anxiously. 2015A

Past Progressive

  1. We were playing a hockey match. 2004A
  2. The government was lifting ban on the job. 2005S
  3. Why was he writing articles in the newspaper? 2005S

Present Perfect

  1. Food stalls have been set up by the hawkers in the new state. 2002A
  2. The villagers have dug a well. 2002A
  3. The group has chosen him a leader. 2002A
  4. Someone has stolen the apparatus. 2002A
  5. Several letters have been written by the landlord. 2004A
  6. The Election Commission has nullified the results of some                                                                                                   2004S
  7. Somebody has put out the light. 2004A
  8. The president has dissolved the assembly. 2006A
  9. I have borne many hardships in life. 2009A
  10. He has decided everything finally. 2010A
  11. He has abused me. 2012A
  12. They have been waited for by me. 2014S
  13. She has defamed me for nothing. 2015A

Past Perfect

  1. We had achieved Pakistan after a long time. 2005S

Future Perfect

  1. He will have completed his education by the end of next year. 2006A

Imperative Sentences

  1. Open the door. 2003A
  2. Send the message. 2004A
  3. Nip the evil in the bud. 2004S
  4. Never tell a lie. 2005A
  5. Let this point be noted carefully. 2005A
  6. Let this matter be addressed first. 2006A
  7. Di it at once.                                                 2006S
  8. Let this notice be circulated among all the members. 2006S
  9. Take the table out. 2007A
  10. Let the teacher be listened to. 2007A
  11. Blow out the candle. 2007S
  12. They will win the match. 2007S
  13. Let the window be shut. 2008A
  14. Let the door be shut. 2008S
  15. Let this matter be resolved amicably. 2009A
  16. Cut these potatoes. 2009S
  17. Do not call him now. 2011A
  18. Eat bread. 2012A
  19. Do not give me bad impression. 2012A
  20. Give me a pen. 2012A
  21. Don’t make a noise. 2012A
  22. Do not insult the weak. 2013A
  23. Give me a cup of tea. 2013A
  24. Do it now. 2013S
  25. Throw it. 2014S
  26. Don’t tease me. 2015A
  27. Give me a pen. 2015A

Modal Auxiliaries

  1. You should display theses notices prominently. 2002S
  2. People ought to keep dogs on a leash. 2002S
  3. We must converse energy. 2002S
  4. Tolls cannot be made by animals. 2002S
  5. We must help the poor. 2009A
  6. We should say prayers. 2010A
  7. I can beat you in the race. 2013A
  8. How can I help you? 2013A
  9. It should not be held in the hand by a mad man. 2015A


  1. By whom was the letter written. 2005A
  2. By whom was this done? 2006S
  3. Who broke this news to you? 2009A
  4. By whom am I being called? 2011A
  5. They say that honesty is the best policy. 2013A


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