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Pair of Words

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Pair of Words
Pair of Words
1 He is an ———- teacher. Able Capable
2 He ———- from smoking all his life. Abstain Refrain
3 He did not ———- to my request. Accede Concede
4 He is proud of his ———- to the education minister. Access Excess
5 He has ———- western ways of life. Adopt, Adept Adapt
6 He is ———- to my ideas Averse Adverse
7 He will be useful ———- to the staff of the college. Addition Edition
8 I ———- that he is honest. Confess Admit
9 He acted upon his father’s ———-. Advice Advise
10 Parents have great ———- for their children. Affection Affectation
11 Fresh ———- is good for health. Air Heir
12 ———- of childhood  do not last long. Allusion Illusion
13 We should ———- our plans Alter Altar
14 You are to do this word; there is no ———-. Alternate Alternative
15 He is ———- and is liked by all. Amiable Amicable
16 There is an ———- job for you. Apposite, Opposite
17 He asked an ———- to paint his picture Artist Artiste
18 His ———- is teaching. Avocation, vocation Vacation
19 We put our ———-papers in the box Ballet Ballot
20 The land is ———-. Baron Barren
21 The children were playing on the ———-. Beach Beech
22 Sugar is made from ———- also. Beat Beet
23 Our teacher is very ———-. And we like him. Beneficent Beneficial
24 I reserved a ———- in the Pakistan Mail. Birth Berth
25 There is a park ———- our house. Beside Besides
26 You should not go out in the sun ———- headed. Bare Bear
27 He was ———- with a silver spoon in his mouth. Born Bear
28 I killed a wild ———- yesterday. Bore Boar
29 The Muslims ———- before Allah. Bow Bough
30 He tried very hard bout could not ———- the door. Break Brake
31 Her ———- dress was worth seeing. Bridal Bridle
32 He works in a ———- factory Calendar Calendar
33 His behavior is against all ———- of morality. Canon Cannon
34 These shoes are made of ———-. Canvas Canvass
35 ———- it is useless to cast pearls before swine. Caste Cast
36 This room has a tin ———-. Ceiling Roof
37 This rice mill has ———- working. Cease Seize
38 He was shut up in a narrow ———-. Sell Cell
39 This statue has perfect ———-.
40 He was wearing a ———- dress. Ceremonious Ceremonial
41 We could not ———- him from doing so. Check Cheque
42 I am fed up with his ———- talk. Childish Childlike
43 He ———- many examples to prove his point. Cite Site
44 His eye ———- is weak. Sight Site
45 The ———- truck nine. Cloak Clock
46 We bought some ———- from the market. Cloth Clothes
47 Too many ———- spoil the broth. Cook Cock
48 The law must take its ———-. Course Coarse
49 You have omitted a ———- here; please put it new. Comma Coma
50 This is very ———- in our society. Common Mutual
51 Please pay my ———- to your father. Compliment Complement
52 I am ———- of my success. Confident Confidant
53 His ———- presence is necessary. Continual Continuous
54 He was given ———- punishment. Corporeal Corporal
55 Two to three divisions of army make one ———-. Corps Corpse
56 The college ———- is the highest body here. Counsel Council
57 It was not a ———- statement. Credible Credulous
58 He got the ———- and acted accordingly. Cue Queue
59 He was ———- of malaria. Heal Cure
60 Every country has its ———-. Habit Custom
61 He is very ———- to me. Dear Deer
62 I have bought this butter from ———-. Diary Dairy
63 The body of the ———- was sent to his village Deceased Diseased
64 I ———- with you on this matter. Differ Defer
65 Graham bell ———- telephone. Discover Invent
66 He had many ———- to look after. Dependent Dependant
67 He is wearing a ———- suit. Dissent/decent Descent
68 He is trying to ———- a machine for the sowing of rice. Devise Device
69 Give the devil his ———-. Dew Due
70 The old man is about to ———-. Dye Die
71 The doctor gave him three ———- of medicine. Doze Dose
72 He took a ———- of cool water. Draft/Draught Drought
73 The flowers ———- for want of water. Droop Drop
74 The days of fighting a ———- are over. Duel Dual
75 The ———- condition of Pakistan is improving. Economic Economical
76 His voice was hardly ———-. Audible Edible
77 You are ———- for this post. Illegible Eligible
78 My car is ———- than that of yours. Elder Older
79 Many English ———- have settled in Australia. Emigrant Immigrant
80 Iqbal was an ———- poet. Imminent Eminent
81 He belongs to an ———- family. Imperial Imperious
82 The British ———- was the largest of all. Umpire Empire
83 His health is ———-. Envious Enviable
84 He gave me a ———- to post Envelop Envelope
85 There are many ———- among the students. Faction Fiction
86 The railway ———- have increased Fair Fare
87 He is a ———- thief. Famous Notorious
88 He did my work with great ———-. Facility Felicity
89 The juggler showed many ———-. Feet Feat
90 We sat on the brick ———-. Flour Floor
91 Gentlemen do not use ———- language. Foul Fowl
92 She is wearing a ———- dress. Funeral Funereal
93 No ———- action is necessary in this matter. Further Farther
94 He walks with an awkward ———-. Gait Gate
95 He ———- away all his money. Gambol Gamble
96 The thief was sent to ———-. Goal Gaol
97 He is ———- and noble. Genteel Gentle
98 There is a ———- watch. Gild Guild
99 God is ———-. Graceful Gracious
100 Coal are burning in the ———-. Grate Great
101 Her ———- are brown. Hair Hare
102 He ———- his shirt on the peg. Hang Hung
103 He was caught in a ———- storm. Hail Hale
104 Your wound will ———- very soon. Heal Heel
105 I ———- a noise. Herd Heard
106 The rainbow has many ———-. Hue Hew
107 The Prime Minister made a ———- speech. Historical Historic
108 Only the enemies of people ———- grain. Hoard Horde
109 To err is ———-. Humane Human
110 ———- falls on the mountains in winter. Snow Ice
111 Do not waste your time by remaining ———-. Idle Ideal
112 He has an ———- mind. Imaginative Imaginary
113 Napoleon said that nothing was ———- in the world. Impassable Impossible
114 Pakistan is making great progress ———- field. Industrial Industrious
115 He found an ———- way to save himself. Ingenuous ingenious
116 He gave ———- advice. Judicious Judicial
117 Of riches and health, the ———- is mare valuable. Later Latter
118 He got much with ———- effort. Less Fewer
119 By profession, he is a ———-. Liar Lawyer
120 The teacher told the boys to revise the ———-. Lessen Lesson
121 If you lose your honor, you ———- everything. Lose Loose
122 He saw a ———- scene. Lovely Loveable
123 He is a rich man and lives a ———- life. Luxuriant Luxurious
124 Is the teacher is ———- or not? Male Mail
125 Write down the ———- I of this poem. Mane Main
126 Ahmed will ———- Farzana. Marry Merry
127 He sells ———-. Meat Meet
128 He stood first in B.A. and won gold ———-. Medal Meddle
129 Iron is a useful ———-. Mettle Metal
130 I have made some ———- changes in this easy. Minor Miner
131 He has a good ———- character. Moral Morale
132 The bundles of thread are ———-. Naughty Knotty
133 He is a Government ———-. Official Officious
134 The workers were digging an ———-. Oar Ore
135 There was something ———- for which he called me. Ought Aught
136 He was looking ———- with fear. Pale Pail
137 She ———- the apple. Pair/Pear Pare
138 He is on ———- duty these days. Patrol Petrol
139 Our principle is the ———- of college magazine. Patron Pattern
140 We want ———- in the world. Pace Piece
141 I will follow my ———-. Plan Pain
142 Lahore is a ———- city. Popular/Populace Populous
143 It never rains but ———-. Pour Pore
144 Your plans are not ———-. Practice Practical
145 He went to the mosque to ———-. Pray Prey
146 Our ———- is on leave. Principle Principle
147 Who is the last ———- of God? Prophet Profit
148 I have to leave but you may ———-. Proceed Precede
149 He kept ———- for a long time. Quite Quiet
150 It ———- here in summer Rain/Rein Reign
151 He is a ———-citizen. Respectable Respectful
152 Your answer is not ———-. Rite Right
153 The bell is ———-. Ring Wring
154 The teacher took the ———- call. Roll Role
155 The bus driver lost his ———- permit. Root Route
156 This house is for ———-. Sail Sale
157 He is very ———- to heat and cold. Sensitive Sensible
158 She does not know how to ———- a shirt. Sew Sow
159 When can I ———- you? Sea See
160 His is very ———- about his defeat. Sore/Soar Sour
161 He is a ———- worker, and helps the needy. Social Sociable
162 I have on e winter ———- only. Soot/Suit Suite
163 He put his heart and ———- into the work. Sole Soul
164 It is a ———- argument Spacious Specious
165 He went to the ———- shop. Stationery Stationary
166 I live in the upper ———- of the house. Story Storey
167 This road leads ———- to our college. Straight Strait
168 The river ———- with fish. Teem Team
169 A ruler has ———- power. Temporal Temporary
170 The ———- of this post is three years. Tenor Tenure
171 He is polished and ———- man. Urban Urbane
172 He tired hard but in ———-. Vein Vain
173 The world is a ———- of tears. Vale Veil
174 ———- is unlawful in Islam. Wine Vine
175 We should not ———- the time of our friends. Waste Waist
176 The condition of age had been ———- for this job. Waive Wave
177 He has become ———- because of illness. Weak Week
178 I do not know ———- he will come or not. Whether Weather
179 The mountain tops were ———- in mist. Wreath Wreathe
180 The ———- of egg is rich in food value. Yolk Yoke


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