B.Com Part 1 Functional English Numbers Topic

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Functional English Numbers Topic


Point # 1

As a general rule, we make plural by adding ‘S’ to the singular.

Book                      Books

Bike                       Bikes

Point # 2

But if the noun ends in‘s, ch, sh, or x’ the plural is formed by adding ‘es’ to the noun; as

Catch     Catches                Match   Matches

Glass     Glasses                 Bush      Bushes

Wish      Wishes                 Tax         Taxes

Fox         Foxes

Point # 3

Nouns ending in ‘Y’ proceeded by a consonant, from their plural by simply changing ‘Y’ into ‘ies’:

Baby      Babies                   Policy    Policies

Lady       Ladies                   Story     Stories

Point # 4

Nouns ending in ‘y’ preceded by a vowel from their plural by simply adding‘s’ to the singular.

Day        Days                      Monkey               Monkeys

Toy         Toys


Colloquy              Colloquies

Soliloquy              Soliloquies

Point # 5

Nouns ending in ‘o’ preceded by a consonant, the plural is formed by adding ‘es’ to the singular.

Potato                  Potatoes

Hero                      Heroes

Negro                   Negroes


Solo                       Solos                     Canto                    Cantos

Commando        Commandos      Dynamo               Dynamo

Fiasco                    Fiascos               Manifesto           Manifestos

Photo                    Photos                  Promo                  Promos

Proviso                 Provisos               Torso                     Torsos

Zero                       Zeros                     Grotto                  Grottos

Point # 6

                But all words ending in ‘oo, io, eo, or yo’ the plural is formed by adding‘s’ to the singular.

Bamboo               Bamboos             Cameo                  Cameos

Embryo                Embryos              Portfolio              Portfolios

Ratio                      Ratios                    Studio                   Studios

Trio                        Trios                      Zoo                        Zoos

Point # 7

All words ending in ‘f’ or ‘fe’ form their plural.

Life                         Lives                      Leaf                       Leaves

Knife                     Knives                   Loaf                       Loaves


Belief                    Beliefs                  Chief                     Chiefs

Grief                      Griefs                    Bluff                      Bluffs

Dwarf                    Dwarfs                  Hoof                      Hoofs

Proof                     Proofs                   Roof                      Roofs

Mischief               Mischiefs             Reef                      Reefs

Scarf                      Scarfs                    Serf                        Serfs

Turf                        Turfs                      Wharf                   Wharf

Point # 8

Irregular Plurals

Foot                       Feet                       Goose                   Geese

Louse                    Lice                        Mouse                  Mice

Man                       Men                      Woman                 Women

Tooth                    Teeth


Point # 9

Nouns ending in ‘a’ forms their plurals by adding ‘e’ to the noun.

Antenna              Antennae            Alumna                                Alumnae

Larva                     Larvae                   Nebula                 Nebulae

Alga                       Algae                     Amoeba               Amoebae

Formula               Formulae             Vertebra              Vertebrae


Trauma                 Traumata

Point # 10

Nouns ending in ‘um’ form their plurals by eliminating um and adding ‘a’ to the noun.

Addendum         Addenda             Agendum            Agenda

Aquarium            Aquaria                Alluvium              Alluvia

Bacterium           Bacteria                Curriculum          Curricula

Datum                  Data                       Erratum                Errata

Corrigendum     Corrigenda          Effluvium             Effluvia

Emporium           Emporia               Maximum           Maxima

Medium               Media                   Memorandum  Memoranda

Stratum                Strata                    Symposium        Symposia

Point # 11

Nouns ending in ‘us’ form their plurals by eliminating us and adding ‘I’ to the nouns.

Alumnus              Alumni                  Bacillus                 Bacilli

Cactus                   Cacti                      Focus                    Foci

Fungus                 Fungi                     Nucleus                                Nuclei

Octopus               Octopi                   Radius                   Radii

Stimulus               Stimuli                  Syllabus                Syllabi

Terminus             Termini

Point # 12

Nouns ending in ‘ex’ or ‘ix’ form plurals by eliminating ‘ex’ or ‘ix’ and adding ices.

Apex                     Apices                   Appendix            Appendices

Cervix                   Cervices               Index                    Indices

Matrix                   Matrices              Vortex                  Vortices

Point # 13

Nouns ending in ‘eau’ or ‘ieu’ form their plurals by adding ‘x’ to the noun.

Adieu                    Adieux                  Beau                      Beaux

Bureau                 Bureaux               Plateu                   Plateaux

Point # 14

Nouns ending is ‘sis’ form their plurals by eliminating ‘sis’ and adding ‘ses’ to the noun.

Analysis                Analyses              Basis                      Bases

Antithesis            Antitheses          Hypothesis         Hypotheses

Parenthesis        Parentheses      Synopsis              Synopses

Synthesis             Syntheses

Point # 15

Nouns ending in ‘on’ form their plurals by eliminating ‘on’ and adding ‘a’ to the noun

Criterion              Criteria

Phenomenon    Phenomena

Automaton         Automata


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