B.Com Part 1 Functional English Idiomatic Phrases

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Idiomatic Phrases

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Idiomatic Phrases
Idiomatic Phrases

A bed of roses                                   Those who thinks that life is a bed of roses, live in a fool’s paradise.

A bull in china’s shop                       He is a misfit and is rightly called a bull in china’s shop.

A bone of contention                       Kashmir is a bone of contention between India and Pakistan.

Above board                                      His honesty is above board.

A blind alley                                       He turned back when he reached the blind alley.

A blessing in disguise                       Losing the job proved a blessing in disguise for me.

A child’s play                                     It is not a child’s play to pass the degree examination; you will have to work hard.

A cat’s paw                                        He used Ali as a cat’s paw for theft.

A close fisted man                            He is a close fisted man in his everyday buying.

A drawn match                                  The match resulted in a drawn match as nobody won.

A dead end                                         We shouldn’t bring our relations to a dead end.

A dog in the manger                         Everyone avoids his company as he is a dig in the manger.

A fish out of water                            A true scholar is like a fish out of water when he away from library.

A gala day                                          It was a gala day when Pakistan won the World cup.

A jailbird                                             He is a jailbird and seldom remains outside the prison.

A man of letters                                This is a world of science but a man of letters has his own place.

A man of parts                                  Only a man of parts can run our country.

A man of straw                                  He is a man of straw and cannot face opposition.

A narrow escape                               Yesterday, he had a narrow escape from a serious accident.

A rotten egg                                       A rotten egg can spoil others.

An iron will                                        Mr. Jinnah was the man of an iron will.

Add fuel to fire                                  The speech of the labour leader added fuel to fire and the factory workers went on strike.

A fishy story                                      I don’t believe his fishy story.

Add insult to injury                           He called him a thief and added insult to injury be saying that his father was a cheat.

After one’s own heart                      He furnished his house after his own heart.

Again and again                                 If you do this exercise again and again, you will master it.

Alive and kicking                               He is likely to be selected as he is alive and kicking.

All at sea                                            The candidate was all at sea and could not answer a single question.

All in all                                              The president is all in all in this organization.

All and sundry                                   All and sundry attended the religious ceremony.

Apple of discord                                Their father’s property is an apple if discord among the brothers.

An axe to grind                                  He is selfish and will not help anyone unless he has an axe to grind.

An amazon                                         He always imagines an amazon as his wife.

An oily tongue                                   Beware of his oily tongue, he befools others.

A fair-weather friend                        He proved a fair-weather friend when he refused to help me.

A sugar daddy                                   The woman went off on a nice winter holidays with her sugar daddy.

A wet blanket                                    Everyone avoids him company as he is a wet blanket.

As a matter of fact                            As a matter of fact, he is my brother.

As cool as cucumber                         He was as cool as cucumber before the test.

AT a stone’s throw                            My College is at a stone’s throw from my house.

At arm’s length                                 You must keep the bad boys at an arm’s length.

At beck and call                                 He is at the beck and call of his father.

At daggers drawn                              The two brothers are at daggers drawn since the death of their father.

At hand                                              My examinations at hard.

At large                                               A murderer is at large in the town; beware of him.

At length                                            I have spoken to him about you at length.

At the eleventh hour                        The public meeting was cancelled at the eleventh hour because of sudden change in weather.

At once                                               He changed his attitude at once.

At a stretch                                        It rained here yesterday at a stretch.

At sixes and sevens                           He left the room at sixes and sevens and went out.

Wild gooses chase                            Search for the lost child without the help of police proved a wild goose chase.

An apple of one’s eyes                     Being   the only son of his parents; he is an apple of their eyes.

At one’s wits ends                            On seeing the police. He was at his wits ends.

At one’s finger’s end                         The lesson is on his finger’s end.

At the top of                                      He is at the top of his teaching career.

Bed debt                                             The debt is not likely to be paid and, thus, consider it a bad debt.

Bad blood                                           Don’t create bad blood between two good friends.

Bad and baggage                               I shall be very happy when you get out of my house with bag and baggage.

Behind the scene                               I don’t know what happened behind the scene.

Bee in the cap                                    He has a bee in his cap about going to USA.

Be in keeping with                            Your deeds are not in keeping with your words.

Be taken aback                                  He was taken aback at the sudden change in price.

Be taken in:                                        He was taken in by the cunning merchant.

Bear the brunt of:                             I had to bear the brunt of defeat in the cricket match.

Bear in mind                                      Bear in mind, health is a great gift of God.

Beat about the bush                         You are wasting my time by beating about the bush; tell me plainly what you want.

Beat black and blue                          He was beaten black and blue by some robbers.

Beat the air                                        He merely beat the air, for nobody listened to what he said.

Better half                                          The husband had full confidence in his better half.

Bird of passage                                  He will not settle down at one place, for he is a bird of passage.

Bird’s eye view                                  He took a bird’s eye view of the building.

Black sheep                                        A black sheep spoils the whole lot.

Blow one’s own trumpet                 He does not listen to anyone but blows his own trumpet.

Blow hot and cold                             He is strange as he blows hot and cold at the same breath.

Blue stocking                                     She is a blue stoking and is highly respected.

Bolt from the blue                            The death of his only son proved for him a bolt from the blue.

Bosom friend                                     We study together as he is my bosom friend.

Bottleneck                                          The new policy turns out to be a bottleneck for the company.

Bread and butter                               These days, everyone thinks more of his bread and butter than anything else.

Break the ice                                      We sat silent when one of us broke the ice and we started talking.

Break the news                                  He died in an accident and no one had the courage to break the news to his mother.

Bring home                                        his forceful speech brought home to us the true meaning of democracy.

Bring to book                                     Crime will decrease if the offenders are brought to book quickly.

Bring to light                                      His misdeeds have been brought to light.

Broken reed                                       I asked for his help but he proved a broken reed.

Build castles in the air                      Do something in practical instead of building castles in the air.

Burn mid-night-oil                            He burn mid-night-oil and got first division in M.A.

Burn the candle at both ends          He burnt the candle at both ends after the death of his father.

Bury the hatchet                               Let us bury the hatchet and be friends again.

Burning question                              The Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan is a burning question.

By and by                                           He does not agree with me now, but I hope to convince him by and by.

By dint of                                           Ibrahim succeeded by dint of hard work.

By and large                                       He has many flaws but he is a good fellow by and large.

By fair or foul means                        She is determined to win by fair or foul means.

By fits and starts                               Those who work by fits and starts seldom succeed in life.

By hook or by crook                         The state of Israel wants to expand itself by hook or by crook.

By leaps and bounds                        He is making progress by leaps and bounds.

By all means                                      He wants to go there by all means.

By word of mouth                             The news came to me by word of mouth.

Call a spade a spade                         It takes real courage to call a spade a spade.

Call in question                                 Many doctors called the efficiency of this medicine in question.

Call names                                         The little boy began to weep when his playmate called him names.

Call to account                                  The principle called the mischievous student to account, and fined him.

Call to mind                                       Before doing any favour; call to mind hi cruel attitude.

Carry the day                                     With his forceful speech he carried the day and won the first prize.

Carry weight                                      His arguments do not carry weight.

Cast aside                                           The project for building a new college was cast aside for want of funds.

Cast a spell                                         His forceful speech cast a spell on the audience.

Cast a slur upon                                She cast a slur upon the fair name of her family with her wicked deeds.

Cat and dog life                                 Both husband and wire, are leading cat and dog life.

Cheek by jowl                                    The master and the slave sat cheek by jowl on the prayer rug.

Cock and bull story                           No intelligent person will believe your cock and bull stories.

Cold war                                             There is a cold war between India and Pakistan.

Cold blood                                         He killed his enemy in cold blood.

Come of age                                       He will come of age next year.

Come to blows                                  They came to blows over the distribution of gold.

Come to light                                     His crimes came to light at last.

Come to grief                                     She came to grief at the sorrowful sight of the disaster.

Come to terms                                  I came to terms with my old friend.

Compare notes                                  The two friends compared notes over new education policy.

Crocodile tears                                  He is shedding crocodile tears over the death of his rival.

Cry for the moon                              His desire to but a motor is nothing but a cry for the moon.

Cry over spilt milk                             It is useless to cry over spilt milk.

Cut a (sorry) figure                            He cut a sorry figure in the examination.

Dance attendance on                        You will not dance attendance on you master.

Dark horse                                         She proved a dark horse and secured the first position.

Dead letter                                         This custom is now a dead letter here.

Deliver the goods                              The can’t deliver the goods according to office’s expectation.

Die in harness                                    Mr. Jinnah died in harness.

Double face                                        One cannot trust a double-faced person.

End in smoke                                     He tried his best to save himself from ruin but all his efforts ended in smoke.

Eat one’s words                                 He ate his words and refused to admit the reality.

Every inch                                          He is every inch a true Muslim.

Eyewash                                             His expression of grief at the death of his rival is only eyewash.

Face the music                                  She had to face the music for her misdeeds.

Fairy play                                           We went to have fairy play everywhere.

Fair Sex                                               We must respect our fair sex.

Fall to work                                        They fell to work the moment they came home.

Fall a prey to                                      He fell a prey to the bait by the enemy.

Fall short of                                       He fell short of money and could not continue his studies.

Fall back upon                                   They fall back upon candles in cast of breakdown.

Fall flat                                               My advice fell flat on him.

Feather one’s nest                            The rulers do nothing but just feather their nests.

Few and far between                        Your visits are few and far between.

Find fault with                                   One cannot please one who is bent upon finding fault with everything.

First and foremost                            It is our first and foremost duty to be sincere with our country.

Fish in troubled water                      To fish in troubled water is an evil passion.

Flesh and blood                                 To collect wealth is in the flesh and blood of a man.

Flay in the ointment                         His presence in the party was a fly in the ointment.

For good                                             He has sold all of his property and has left this city for good.

For the sake of                                  He struggled hard for the sake of money.

Foul Play                                            It proved a foul play due to the partial umpire.

French leave                                      He is on French leave as he left the office without informing his officer.

From hand to mouth                        A poor man lives from hand to mouth on his little salary.

Get rid of                                            Get rid of bad friends.

Get wind of                                        He got wind of the intrigues against him.

Gift of the gab                                   A teacher should have the gift of the gab communicate his ideas.

Get into hot water                            The students gets into hot water with the new system of examination.

Give and take                                    Most of the disputes can be settled if the parties adopt a give and take policy.

Give oneself airs                                He gives himself airs on his knowledge of English.

Give vent to                                       She gives vent to her feelings in tears.

Give up the ghost                             The old man gave up the ghost after a long illness.

Go a long way                                    It will go a long way in the promotion of the country.

Go through                                        We have not gone through the matter yet.

Go to pieces                                       Once he was a successful man but now he has gone to pieces.

Go to dogs                                         He is spending his money foolishly and will soon go to dogs.

Grease the palm                                He greased the office’s palm to get the job.

Half-heartedly                                   He is working half-heartedly in depression.

Hand and glove                                 Both the neighbors and hand and glove with each other.

Hand in hand                                     Poverty and poor health often go hand in hand.

Hard and fast                                     The club has hard and fast rules to govern the behavior of its member.

Hard nut to crack                              To pass the test without preparation is a hard nut to crack.

Have clean hands                              He is innocent and has clean hands in this case.

Gave cold feet                                   He had cold feet in front of his seniors and said nothing.

Heart and soul                                   He put his heart and soul in his work and succeeded.

High time                                           It is high time to go there.

Hitabelow the belt                            It is unfair to hit below the belt.

Hobson’s choice                                The only muddy water in the village proved a Hobson’s choice for us.

Hope against hope                            To think that you can win the war is to hope against hope.

Hue and cry                                       He raised hue and cry at the horrible sight.

In a fix                                                 He has been offered two posts and now he is in a fix what to accept and what to reject.

In a nutshell                                       In a nutshell, our teachers are competent and intelligent.

In black and white                             The agreement was put in black and white.

In full swing                                       The match was in full swing when I reached the stadium.

In high spirits                                     He was in high spirits on the day of marriage.

In hot water                                       Alice is in hot water these days.

In letter and spirits                           He followed the instruction in letter and spirits.

In short                                               In short, he struggled and struggled but no avail.

In the teeth of                                   In the teeth of opposition, he continued his efforts and succeeded.

In the air                                             It is in the air that the government will soon announce some important decisions.

In the long run                                   Truth shall prevail in the long run.

In the nick of time                             He reached the station in the nick of time to catch the train.

Ins and outs                                       He does not know the ins and outs of this case.

Keep abreast of                                 A doctor has to keep abreast of the progress in medical science.

Keep an eye on                                  The teacher must keep an eye on his students.

Keep pace with                                  Old generation should try to keep pace with old one.

Keep up appearances                       Both the sisters area against each other but they try to keep up appearances.

Keep body and soul together          He kicked the bucket last night due to illness.

Kill two birds with one stone          Only a clever person can kill two birds with one stone.

Kith and kin                                       We must look after out poor kith and kin.

Lame excuse                                      I do not believe in his lame excuse.

Lead by the nose                               It is his wife who leads him by the nose.

Learn by heart                                   The child has learnt many poems by heart.

Leave in the lurch                              One must not leave one’s friends in the lurch.

Leave no stone unturned                 He left no stone unturned in search of his lost child but to no avail.

Lend a hand                                       Will you lend a hand to me?

Let the cat out of the bag                One of the thieves let the cat out of the bag and all were arrested.

Lick the dust                                      He had to lick the dust when he me Muhammad Ali in the ring.

Lion’s share                                        When the assets of British India were divided, India Got a lion’s share.

Live in fool’s paradise                       Those who think that life in a bed of roses, live in fool’s paradise.

Look sharp                                         You should look sharp or you will miss the train.

Lose one’s head                                 He is short-tempered and loses his head very often.

Lose heart                                          Never lose your heart at failure.

Maiden speech                                  It was his maiden speech in the Assembly but he did very well.

Make amends for                              He is working hard to make amends for his failure in the examination.

Make fun of                                       He made fun of me at the party.

Make both ends meet                      With his small income he can hardly make both ends meet.

Make faces                                         It is unmannerly to make faces at others.

Make good                                         You will have to make good the loss.

Make headway                                  You will have to work hard to make headway in the business.

Make up one’s mind                         He has made up his mind to go abroad for higher studies.

Move heaven and earth                   He moved heaven and earth to win the election but failed.

Necessary evil                                    Examination are a necessary evil for the dull students.

Nip in the bud                                   We should try to nip the evil in the bud.

Now and then                                    He visits cinema now and then.

Null and void                                     The law is now null and void and is not in practice.

Of one’s own accord                         He left the college hostel of his own accord.

Off and on                                          He has been visiting us off and on for the last ten years.

Off hand                                             He is learned man and can speak off hand any topic.

On the air                                           This program is going on the air.

On the eve of                                     The College grounds were decorated on the eve of Annual sports.

On the whole                                     He has some shortcomings but on the whole he is a fine person.

On the anvil                                       The new education policy is on the anvil.

Once and for all                                 Tell me once and for all what do you want from me.

Once in a blue moon                        He comes here once in a blue moon.

Out and out                                       He is out and out a liar.

Over and above                                 He has a large income over and above his monthly salary.

Overhead and ears                            He is in debt overhead and ears these days.

Pandora’s Box                                    This will prove a Pandora’s box for him as he would have face many problems.

Part and parcel                                  A reading room is part and parcel of library.

Pay lip service to                               He only pays lip service and does not do anything for the poor.

Play truant                                         Many careless students play truant from the class.

Play with fire                                     It is dangerous to play with fire.

Pocket an insult                                He could not hit back and had to pocket an insult.

Point blank                                        He gave me a point blank refusal.

Poison one’s ears                              She poisoned his ears and he became a rebel.

Poke one’s nose                                He always pokes her nose in such matters.

Pros and cons                                    Before doing something, you must examine the pros and cons connected with it.

Put the cart before                           She put the cart before the horse and made a mess of things.

Rainy day                                           We must lay by money for a rainy day.

Rank and file                                      The rank and file of the organization was against it.

Read between the lines                    You must read between the lines of the statement by foreign politicians.

Red handed                                        The thief was caught red handed.

Red-letter day                                    14TH of August is a red-letter day.

Rest on one’s laurels                        He rested on his laurels after getting the achievement.

Rise to the occasion                          He rose to the occasion and defeated root and branch.

Royal road                                          There is no royal read success.

Run short of                                       He has run short of money nowadays.

Safe and sound                                  The child was safe and sound among the beasts.

Scot free                                             Others were punished while he got scot free.

Set a good example                          We should set a good example for our juniors.

Set to work                                        Do not waste time, set to work immediately.

Show the white feather                    How showed the white feather and fled from the battlefield.

Small talk                                           I enjoyed small talk in the party.

Snake in the grass                             I thought him a friend but he was a snake in the grass.

Soft corner                                         I have a soft corner for him because of his fine habits.

Spick and span                                  Their house is always spick and span.

Split hairs                                           He is in the habit of splitting hairs.

Spread like wild fire                          The news of his death spread like wild fire in the city.

Square deal                                        That was a square deal as everything was fair.

Square meal                                       He is so poor that he even does not have square meal.

Storm in a teacup                             The quarrel between the girls is nothing but just a storm in a teacup.

Stand on ceremony                          Do not stand on ceremony and feel yourself at home.

Stick to one’s guns                            He always sticks to his guns and does not listen to anyone.

Sum and substance                          I do not know the sum and substance of the incident.

Take care of                                       Take care of yourself.

Take a fancy to                                  He has taken a fancy to your children.

Take into account                             Before pronouncing punishment; we must take his age into account.

Take into Consideration                   Before pronouncing punishment, we must take his age into consideration.

Take the bull by the horns               You should take the bull by the horns and speak the truth.

Take one’s time                                 Before making any decision, take your time.

Take to heart                                     He has taken his mother’s death very much to heart.

Take to one’s heels                           The thief took to his heels as he saw the policeman.

Take to task                                       The teacher took him to task for not doing his homework.

Talk shop                                            Whenever he comes to me; he talks shop most of the time.

The man in the street                       Even the man in the street knows about it.

Through thick and thin                     I shall be with you through thick and thin.

Thorough and through                     Jameel is a philosopher thorough and through.

Throw light on                                   The teacher threw light on the world affairs.

Throw cold water upon                    She threw cold water upon his plans.

Till the cows come home                 I can wait for the decision, till cows come home.

Time and again                                  He applied for a job time and again.

Tooth and nail                                   They opposed me tooth and nail but could not succeed.

Turn a deaf ear                                  They turned a deaf ear to their teacher’s advice.

Turn over a new leaf                         He turned over a new leaf after his marriage.

Turn tables                                         He turned tables with his amazing performance.

To be at home in                               He is at home in English.

To be hard up                                    His family has always been hard up.

To smell a rat                                     I smell a rat that they are planning against us.

Under a could                                    He is under a cloud nowadays due to having unfriendly relations with his boss.

Uphill task                                          Gird up your loins; it is an uphill task.

Up to the mark                                  He is up to the mark and is likely to be selected for this post.

Up to date                                          Keep your account up to date.

Ups and downs                                 He has seen many ups and downs in life.

Weather the storm                           She refused to resign, intending to weather the storm.

While elephant                                  A can for a poor man is a white elephant.

White lie                                             What he said was a white lie.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing                   Everybody avoids him because he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Work Wonders                                  The extra water in diet works wonders for skin.

With a view                                        He went to the stadium with a view to watching match.













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