B.Com Part 1 Functional English Do As Directed

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B.Com Part 1 Functional English Do As Directed



  1. He has never visited the zoo. (Change into interrogative)
  2. I can help you. (Change into negative)
  3. You need go there. (Change into negative)
  4. He has some doubt about you. (Change into negative)
  5. The company runs its affairs (Change into interrogative)
  6. She has to work hard. (into negative)
  7. You are as responsible as I. (into negative)
  8. Have you ever gone there? (into negative)
  9. You sing beautiful. (into exclamatory)
  10. It was a horrible scene of quake. (into exclamatory)
  11. He is a man. (into exclamatory)
  12. Nobody was there but her. (into affirmative)
  13. Speak the truth. (into negative)
  14. Everybody is here except him. (into negative)
  15. The horse runs swiftly. (into exclamatory)
  16. I think he is at fault. (into negative)
  17. He or you would do it. (into negative)
  18. Either he can write correctly. (into negative)
  19. You need to go there. (into negative)
  20. Be regular. (into negative)
  21. How beautifully he was reciting the Holy Quran! (into affirmative)


Point out the mood of the following.

  1. Do what you want.
  2. Don’t go out.
  3. If he is ready, we shall go there.
  4. Can you tell me the real story?
  5. I would rather you paid by cheque.
  6. May I come in?
  7. Shut your mouth.
  8. She laughed as if she were mad.
  9. I wish I know his name.
  10. Let him speak first.
  11. Open your book at page 7.
  12. I would rather you went by air.
  13. He suggested that we be taught English.
  14. If he were fine he would join us.
  15. Be good, sweet maid.
  16. Be regular.
  17. Piper, pipe that song again.
  18. He told me an interesting story.
  19. May you go to hell!


Point out the Subject and predicate of the following sentences.

  1. The fly is an enemy of man
  2. Monkeys live in trees
  3. His son-in-law was cloth-merchant.
  4. Did the cat catch the mouse?
  5. Your class will not go to see the match.
  6. The thief was looking at the policeman.
  7. My uncle has gone to Karachi.
  8. Barking dogs seldom bite.
  9. The old man seems happy.
  10. Death is realty.


Point out the Parts of the speech of the following sentence.

  1. I shall by a ticket myself.
  2. He leads a happy life.
  3. I spoke to him yesterday.
  4. He called me a thief.
  5. He often led us to victory.
  6. You do not write a letter to him.
  7. She sent for a doctor.
  8. May you do it?
  9. I have sent the list of all the students.
  10. He does not learn the poem by heart.
  11. Tell me the truth.
  12. She does not bring the books.
  13. I never see such a horrible scene.
  14. Aslam has done his job carefully.


Point out the kinds of the parts of the speech of the Underlined words.

  1. Let us sit in the
  2. That book is not yours.
  3. I kept a fast yesterday.
  4. Walk fast lest you should miss the train.
  5. I never write the essay.
  6. The people fear
  7. She is near relative of mine.
  8. The poor are fed on Eid Day.
  9. The dog often bites several
  10. The alarm wakes me
  11. The sweeper cleans the street every day.
  12. He made me go there.
  13. He does not make a noise.

Use of Pronoun in place of Noun

  1. I lost my watch, but (watch) was very cheap.
  2. I have to make tea for (all the people).
  3. Tessa took a photo of (Tessa).
  4. Here is our book, take (your book) away.
  5. One of the policemen has injured (policeman) arm.

Choice of Words

  1. I can’t go to party. I haven’t got ———– to wear                 (A) Anything                       B) Everything     C) Something      D) Nothing
  2. Take care, won’t you, Anna? Look after—————-           (A) You                                B) Your                 C) Yours               D) yourself
  3. Yes, —————– would be lovely to see you again.            (A) It                                    B) That                 C) There               D) You
  4. We’ve brought some food with ————.                               (A) Me                                 B) Ourselves        C) Us                     D) We
  5. If you want some apples, I’ll get you ———- at the shop.   (A) Any B) It                        C) One                  D) Some





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