B.Com Part 1 Functional English Correction of Verb

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2018)

B.Com Part 1 Functional English Correction of Verb

Correction of Verbs

B,Com Part 1 Functional English Correction of Verb
B,Com Part 1 Functional English Correction of Verb

Exercise No: 1

  1. He go to school time.
  2. I not play in the sun.
  3. Why you take exercise daily?
  4. Children usually make a noise.
  5. Here come the bus!
  6. Two and two make
  7. God help those who help themselves.
  8. All that glitter be not gold.
  9. The students play in the ground now.
  10. What he do now?
  11. They be telling a lie.
  12. He do his job well these days.
  13. They make a noise at present.
  14. They live in murree now a days.
  15. I look my lost book at this time.
  16. Have you ever catch the wind?
  17. He never do his home task before.
  18. He just leave the room.
  19. This is the best movie I ever see.
  20. I just hear this bad news.
  21. She join the firm recently.
  22. He work here since Monday.
  23. He play hockey since 1956.
  24. He be my friend since childhood.
  25. It rain since morning.
  26. He sleep since evening.
  27. He go to Lahore yesterday.
  28. I leave the class a few hours ago.
  29. He not help me yesterday.
  30. Why you not come to school in time yesterday?
  31. I not hear such a story earlier.
  32. The dog bark at the stranger last night.
  33. He said he be
  34. They asked what she can
  35. She said the earth be
  36. He be
  37. He be here today.
  38. He be here yesterday.
  39. He be here since yesterday.

Exercise No: 2

  1. I read a book when he came in.
  2. The sun shine when he went out.
  3. When you came he be writing a latter?
  4. I came in while he be busy in making noise.
  5. Whom you talk to in the club when I asked you for a cigarette.
  6. The boy jumped off the train, while it move.
  7. She told me his name after he leave.
  8. He do nothing before he saw me.
  9. My friend enjoyed his food as soon as he taste
  10. He thanked me for what do.
  11. After they had gone, I sit down and rest.
  12. Did you post the letter after you write it?
  13. He said that he go there the last night.
  14. After I had heard the news. I hurry to see him.
  15. She told me her name after I ask her twice.
  16. I buy this book tomorrow.
  17. I make tea in five minutes.
  18. He visit us next Monday.
  19. They join the college on coming Friday.
  20. She read the poem after some time.
  21. He make up his deficiency in studies next year.
  22. I hope it start raining by five o’ clock.
  23. I am sure Pakistan win the match.
  24. I suppose he be
  25. He write his second novel by next June.
  26. We reach the village before the sun set.
  27. When you come to me, I help
  28. As soon as you see the lion, you run
  29. She not come unless you invite me.
  30. He finish this work within half hour.
  31. By the end of the summer he teach us to speak English.
  32. They lose the match by now.
  33. By next winter, I build my house.
  34. By the end of the year 2001, I be fifty seven year old.
  35. The police hear of the theft by this time.
  36. If he be here I shall see him.
  37. If he had asked me I help him happily.
  38. He pass the test if he works hard.
  39. He pass the test if he work hard.
  40. He pass the test if he had worked hard.

Exercise No: 3

  1. He talks as if he be the teacher.
  2. She behaves as though she be the principal.
  3. With a view to meet you I came here.
  4. I cannot help help
  5. I look forward to see him in summer.
  6. He made me to stand in the sun.
  7. I got my house white wash.
  8. I not see you since Eid.
  9. I know him for a long time.
  10. The poor feed on Eid day.
  11. The cattle be grazing in the pasture.
  12. The police has arrested the thief.
  13. You had better to say at home.
  14. Let me to do my job.
  15. Would that I be the kind.
  16. Would you play the match?
  17. Rome not build in a day.
  18. Why you lost the match.
  19. When they sought the lost child.
  20. How she drove the car?
  21. If I be he, I would never do so.
  22. If were you, I never talk to her.
  23. The murderer hang in the jail.
  24. The book publish the next month.
  25. She rarely see at the parties.
  26. Slow and steady win the race.
  27. Since when he wait for me?
  28. Since when you be here?
  29. None of the boys be here?
  30. Many a man be interested to go there.
  31. I am used to leave the bed early.
  32. I used to leave the bed early.
  33. He as well as I be ready to depart.
  34. The list of all the students be
  35. Five hundred rupees be not a large sum.
  36. Take exercise lost you be
  37. Walk fast lest you miss the train.
  38. He worked hard so that he succeed.
  39. He be tell a lie.
  40. She not have to come on time.
  41. They had to convince her.
  42. Majority in our country be
  43. Majority of the students be absent today.
  44. A white and a black cow be grazing in the pasture.
  45. If I be you, I would never them.
  46. If I were you, I take the risk.
  47. The cost of all these things be
  48. The wages of sin be
  49. His confidence of to get the first position.
  50. The succeeded in to convince






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